Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PRIMER: Tuesday Night @ the DNC


Tuesday night means Hillary-Night at the DNC. What can we expect?

  • Party unity is nothing short of a euphemism for reaching out to female voters who felt slighted by the way Hillary was 'treated' during the primary season. The Obama campaign has made the calculation that they in fact do have a serious problem on their hands; hence the first two nights of the convention have been dedicated to family, women, and working class issues.
  • Content and Delivery - Words and Tone. Which Hillary will show up? Will she continue to refer to Obama as 'my opponent'? She did as recently as three days ago.
  • Will Bill join Chelsea and Hillary on stage after the speech is delivered? Or is this a girls night out?
  • Mark Warner, former Virginia Governor and current candidate for U.S. Senate will be the evenings keynote speaker (Apparently there is such a thing as a keynote and a headline speaker). Again look for him to pound home themes having to do with the economy, working class values, and rural America.
  • Do the gloves come off tonight? Since it's ladies night, probably not. (Waiting on Biden)

Stay tuned for updates. It's going to be a wild night...

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