Thursday, September 4, 2008

TWITTERING: They Have Nothing To Run On

Some Brief Thoughts:

  • First impressions are important, and while Sarah Palin gave a strong speech, her mocking and condescending belittling of the Democratic opponent will not play well down the middle. The McCain camp is breaking hard right. Goodbye Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado.
  • Rudy Giuliani should stick to eating meatballs.
  • After two full days at the RNC they have yet to propose any vision for the future. No mention of the economy, no mention of Iraq, no mention of the challenges posed by a nuclear Iran, and how those challenges should be addressed.
  • NOVELTY: The Republicans are not running on issues. The McCain campaign has run entirely on the themes of Service, Courage, Honor, and now Maverick Women. This is a big issue election. People want to know about how Washington is going to help make healthcare more available, jobs more plentiful, energy more affordable, and how they plan to restore America's standing in the world. NOVELTY wears off quickly in an election that is about issues. Look for this happen as we approach the end of September.
  • They are lying through their teeth and the media should not be intimidated by charges of sexism and elitism. They should be called on every lie.
  • The one and only barometer to judge the selection of a VP is whether or not that person is qualified to become President if necessary. Governor Palin did not make the case that she is ready to be President in her speech tonight.

When you're on the right side of the issues, you don't need to retort to gimmicks.

The McCain approach to the RNC tells you exactly who's on the right and wrong side of the issues.


Anonymous said...

This analysis of yours is political malpractice. There's not a single major newspaper in the English-speaking world that hasn't given two thumbs up for the Palin speech. You're so far left that you couldn't find the middle with a compass, a map, and handheld GPS, let alone tell all of us what's going to "run down the middle." Face it: what you saw on TV last night hit home with the majority of Americans. That's America, baby. Take it or leave it.

J. said...

Throughout history there have multitudes of speakers that have shaken nations and gotten "two thumbs up" as the comment before mine says. Anyone remember one of the greatest European orators of the 21st century? His name was Hitler and every single German newspaper gave his speeches two thumbs up. This is no way implies that he was a good choice for the country. Therefore, a speech, no matter how great, does very little if it is not backed up by commendable and legal actions, as well as a framework for how to bring about the promises of the politicians. The Republicans seem to be making a lot of promises without implementing such a framework. And if Palin’s speech reflects "America, baby," and if I have a chose to take it or leave it, I would quite rather leave it.