Monday, August 25, 2008

Madonna, McCain and...Hitler?



I'm tired of celebrities using their pedestals to further their own political philosophies. The truth is that nobody cares what they think. We pay them  tens of billions of dollars year-in-and-year-out so we can watch them sing, dance, act, and jump up and down as they rub their bellies and heads at the same time, nothing less, nothing more.

I don't want to hear about late-night e-mails sent between Scarlet Johansson and Barack Obama. I don't care if Heidi Montag (of MTV Hills Fame) is supporting John McCain. All of this is for nothing more than the vain, shameless self-promoting celebrities are known best for; they don't care about you or the issues that affect you on a day to day basis.

Shameless self-promotion case-in-point: Madonna. Last night during her opening show of her worldwide tour Madonna sheepishly mixed images of John McCain and Adolph Hitler on the stadiums big screen. I do not support John McCain, and I disagree with most if not all of his positions. I do not think this country can afford four more years of the failed foreign and economic policies being pushed by Senator McCain. But, for all the disagreements, I can honestly say that I respect John McCain, for the man he is and for the sacrifices he made for his country. John McCain is no Adolf Hitler, and Madonna should be ashamed of even making the comparison. As a 'practitioner' of the mystical Jewish strain of Kabala, Madonna should know the sensitivities involved in leveling such comparisons.

Nevertheless, it's not surprising to me that the aging 'queen of self-promotion' is at it again. And she will be again. That's the beauty of this country, she has the freedom to make these statements.

But even more beautiful than the freedom of speech is the freedom of choice. So I ask you, choose not to listen to this crap.

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