Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PRIMER: Wednesday Night @ the DNC


**Will the Gloves Come Off?**


Tonight is 'National Security Night' at the DNC, with a long list of Democratic heavy hitters lined up to speak. What should we look for? (in order of speaking appearance)

  • Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed: Low-key but tough Senator from Rhode Island, West Point graduate, and ex-Army Ranger. Look for him to deliver a low-key yet stern rebuke of Bush Administration policies while affirming Obama's national security bonafides.
  • ex-Senator Tom Daschle: Could that be Chief of Staff Daschle? Time will tell, but this experienced Washington hand has had Senator Obama's ear from the get-go.
  • BUBBA: Speaks after two and before four other speakers. Will bad cop Bill show up tonight? Or will he use this as an opportunity to redeem himself in front of a Democratic audience. The former President has everything to lose and everything to gain. Will this speech be more about Obama? Or the Republicans? Will he advocate for an Obama victory, or a Democratic victory? Time will tell, but sources have already said that the President will be splitting town before Obama gives his speech Thursday night? STAY TUNED
  • Senator John Kerry: Must be a bittersweet appearance for the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee. Look for this Vietnam war hero to take the fight to McCain and the Republicans on national security and Iraq. Payback can be a  _ _ _ _ _ (use your imagination)
  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson: Outside of VEEP nominee Joe Biden, arguably the most experienced foreign policy expert in the Democratic party. Former Congressman, Secretary of Energy, and Ambassador to the United Nations, Richardson has been at the forefront of U.S. National Security policy-making for three decades. Look for him to talk about restoring America's standing in the world...Now that Biden is the VEEP nominee, look for Richardson's name to circulate as potential Secretary of State in an Obama Administration.
  • Iraq War Veteran Tammy Duckworth: Sure to be an emotional address - for the 411 on Army Major Duckworth please click here.
  • BIDEN: Notice the buffer zone between the Clinton and Biden speaking slots. The main event. Look for Biden to take the hatchet to his 'distinguished colleague from Arizona' (how do you like that for Senate-speak). Absolutely convinced he will deliver a barn-burner that will blow the top off the Pepsi Center. Arguably the biggest night of his life: he will deliver.

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