Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twittering: Recap of Night 2 @ the DNC

  • Clinton: Brought down the house and completely obliterated any doubt people had. Immediate reaction from women on the floor was positive. (Is this the end of the Obama/Clinton story?) CON: Made more of a case for a Democratic victory than an Obama victory. Did not vouch for him as much as you'd like. Next Up: Bubba...Does he end any and all speculation? Or play bad cop?
  • Keynoter Mark Warner: What's up with the talk about getting in at the ground floor of the cell phone industry? Is he the democratic version of Mitt Romney? 'Race for the Future' theme was solid, but delivery was absolutely horrible: can you say THUD? If he wants to be considered a national candidate he'll have to figure out how to polish up his oratory skills.
  • HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE.

Stay Tuned for Wednesday Night Primer: B&B - BUBBA & BIDEN

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